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LiteSheet™ Solutions Technology Demonstrates AC Direct LED Technology at LightFair International® Trade Show

Bedford, VA, June 12, 2014 – LiteSheet Solutions, LLC, manufacturer of the lighting industry’s first AC direct LED light engine, generated quite a buzz at the 2014 LightFair International Show.


LightFair International Trade Show Recap 

LiteSheet Solutions Technology debuted at the LightFair International trade show on June 3- 5, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Featured in the New Exhibitor’s Pavilion, hundreds of visitors were able to see first hand the industry’s first commercially available AC Direct LED light engine. Innovative, game-changing, extraordinary, were many of the superlatives made by manufacturing reps, distributors and end-users from the US and internationally.

“It has been a great experience talking to customers about ways they see to leverage our technology in different application areas”, said President Todd Hodrinsky. “ The opportunity to generate savings with our AC Direct technology was consistent theme whether talking to our customers in India, the US, Canada or Peru. 

About LiteSheet Solutions, LLC

LiteSheet Solutions, LLC, is an innovation company that develops and commercializes lighting products for the general lighting market. The founders have combined their extensive knowledge of lighting technologies and manufacturing processes to create highly efficient lighting with reduced production costs. The result is the most economically favorable, environmentally friendly, and sustainable LED lighting available.


For more information on this revolutionary technology, visit www.litesheet.com.