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AC Direct Technology

Imagine an innovation to LED lighting that eliminates the primary cause of product failure; the DC power supply.  The Litesheet BriteCor™ engine uses AC power to directly power a redundant mesh of LEDs eliminating the need for DC drivers and all of their drawbacks.   This patented technology is at the heart of every product that Litesheet manufactures.  The driver and the mesh components of BriteCor are modular and scalable so it can be adapted for any application and lighting configuration.

BriteCor™ technology produces over 130 lumens per watt.  In addition to efficiency,  the BriteCor™ light engine LED mesh automatically stabilizes light output.  For example, a single LED package failure may cause a complete failure of a typical LED luminaire.  An LED array using the BriteCor™ engine is able to suffer the loss of up to 30% of the individual diodes without decreasing its luminary flux output.  Further, the patented BriteCor™ technology balances the voltage and current to eliminate the annual 10% light degradation that traditional LED lighting technology experiences, yielding constant lumen output for the life of the fixture.

Litesheet is a company that is built from the ground up to serve its customers.  The technology establishes unprecedented standards of longevity – more than 450,000 hours MTBF.  The energy and maintenance cost savings provides a huge impact on reducing our customer’s total cost of ownership.  The focus of our technology  at LiteSheet is to serve our customers.   LiteSheet will continue to innovate and create. Contact us today to find out how our technology can be leveraged to help improve your bottom line.