Product Info Vaportight Series


Introducing the LiteSheet BVT Premium grade enclosed and gasketed vaportight fixture. This Energy-Saving High Performance LED Vaportight is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications where dust and water resistance is required. Ideal for parking garages, cold storage, marinas, barns, canopies, car washes, poultry farms, agricultural applications and other areas susceptible to corrosive and wet conditions.

The Vaportight Series features the patented BriteCor™ technology. The AC direct BriteCor light engine does not require a DC power supply.

The BVT Series is certified for use in new and retrofit installations and is available in 2′, 4′ and 8′ lengths.


Description for AC Direct BVT Series Vaportight Light

  1. Patented AC direct light engine
  2. No DC power driver required
  3. Easily mountable on any surface ceiling
  4. Can be used for retrofit or new construction
  5. Certified for use in UL defined wet locations
  6. No maintenance required
  7. 450,000 hours MTBF of continuous operation
  8. 15 year warranty
  9. BriteCor can produce over 120 lumens/watt measured output
  10. Constant lifetime lumen output
  11. Lowest three year total cost of ownership
  12. ETL certified for retrofit or new construction




Durable fiberglass


Impact resistant polycarbonate or acrylic

LED Module

BriteCor AC direct light engine




Electrical Specifications

Input Voltage:

120, 277

Power Intput:

32, 64 or 128 Watts (2', 4', 8')

Power Classification:

Class 2

Mechanical Specifications

Product Dimensons

7" x 24", 7" x 48", 7" x 96"


Depends on size ordered

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