LiteSheet Solutions indicates reliability as consumer’s leading purchase factor and expedited three products to be tested and cleared by ETL

LiteSheet Solutions indicates reliability as consumer’s leading purchase factor and expedited three products to be tested and cleared by ETL

July 13, 2016 (Bedford, VA) – LiteSheet Solutions (‘LiteSheet’) released three ETL listed fixtures to the marketplace this past week in response to unusually high consumer demand. After completing large installations, such as the Cleveland Convention Center Hotel, as well as commissioning its first round of primary research, feedback from these initiatives indicated that reliability and energy efficiency were among the most important features for commercial installs. LiteSheet products incorporate Adaptive AC LED technology, which utilizes AC direct connections, eliminating the DC power supply to create an immediate baseline energy savings of 15%. All released products are ETL listed for damp locations making them universal in their application and installations do not require re-wiring.

The BriteCor Parabolic Lens Troffer (‘BPT’) is a premium fixture with greater than 90% reflectivity and designed for locations that require low glare illumination in a recessed configuration ( BPT comes equipped with anodized semi-specular aluminum louvers, which are manufactured using interlocked construction and mitered corners, making it adaptable to a wide range of retrofits and new construction.

The BriteCor Recessed Grid Troffer (‘BRG’) is one of the most widely used troffers in the portfolio with use cases across a diverse set of applications for commercial and industrial installs in UL defined damp locations ( BRG features Light Lock technology, which reduces light leakages and is applicable for all general illumination needs. Its design eliminates the need for tools when accessing the power connections and knockouts are included to allow for continuous wiring.

The Volumetric Recessed Fixture (‘BTS’) provides uniform ambient lighting across matte surfaces most commonly used in modern office settings ( The fixture also works with optional occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting accessories, which aligns with the company’s corporate mission of providing the highest energy efficiency standards across the industry.

LiteSheet’s founding CEO, Roger Whyte, states “it is paramount that we deliver products that our customers are demanding, which has prompted LiteSheet to commission a series of industry related primary research. Our findings directly resulted in the expediting of these ETL listed products as a part of our portfolio because of the heavy importance on reliability as a top specification across more than 70% of our key customers.”

These ETL listings against UL and Canadian standards for LiteSheet follow a significant investment from The Center for Innovative Technology that was confirmed in May. The portfolio comes complete with 140 lumens/watt measured output, 450,00 hours MTBF of continuous operation and the industry’s longest available warranty for up to 15 years. All LiteSheet products are fully patented and proudly manufactured in the USA.