About Us

About Us

The LiteSheet Philosophy

At LiteSheet “Brilliance through Simplicity” is our corporate philosophy that drives us to provide our customers with the highest value proposition available in the commercial lighting market.  LiteSheet is tireless in developing the world’s most efficient, reliable, and high-quality products.  Our elegant and robust engineering solutions deliver the lowest total cost of ownership available in the lighting market.

LiteSheet conducts research and development and manufacturing operations in Forest, Virginia and Hartford, Connecticut.  Each of the locations focuses on our number one priority, our customers.

Our commitment to our customers is demonstrated through our servant leadership approach.  This means that we put our customers first, in every aspect of our business.  Our culture of “service to customer first” motivates us to engineer, develop, and commercialize the absolute best products, unsurpassed in customer value.

When your company demands the most efficient, most reliable, and most cost efficient lighting solution, your company demands LiteSheet.

Why Choose LiteSheet?

LiteSheet’s patented technology delivers the world’s most efficient and longest-lasting commercial lighting solutions.  LiteSheet’s technology is up to 75% more efficient than other commercially-available competitive products.

Simplicity of design is at the heart of every LiteSheet product.  LiteSheet’s groundbreaking engineering designs provide the highest Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) available for any light engine.

Long Life
Consider it the light that you’ll never change again in your lifetime.  LiteSheet’s products include a standard 15 year limited warranty underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, and have an estimated lifetime of greater than 450,000 hours (50 years) of continuous use.

LiteSheet’s high-efficiency, high-reliability, long-life luminaires reduce our customers total cost of ownership.  Consider the idea of reducing your annual lighting power costs by more than 50%, with no maintenance and no replacement costs – all while using a green, earth-friendly, and sustainable technology.  That’s LiteSheet.

Support & Delivery 
Our value-added distribution channel is eager to serve you.  LiteSheet and our channel partners will support you, whatever your needs may be.  We are committed to you and your schedule, so you can  count on your products and services being delivered on time.

LiteSheet’s products provide the best price and quality value on the market.  We’re committed to our customers’ success, and our value-driven products deliver.

For further information on our commitment to servant leadership, quality, innovation, and value please contact us.

LiteSheet (434) 446-1460 or sales@litesheet.com

Warranty and Terms & Conditions

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