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LiteSheet Solutions elevates product reliability expectations with its ETL and DesignLights Consortium (‘DLC’) listed BriteCor VaporTight fixture

January 19, 2017 (Forest, VA) – LiteSheet Solutions (‘LiteSheet’) has introduced the industry’s latest darling with the BriteCor VaporTight (‘BVT’) premium grade fixture. This gasketed fixture sits at the top of leaderboard for its energy saving and high performance abilities. LiteSheet continues to push industry standards in regard to sustainability and reducing the world’s carbon footprint. The VaporTight series is fully patented and equipped with LiteSheet’s AC Direct BriteCor technology that eliminates the failure prone driver found in conventional LED lighting.

The BriteCor VaporTight is ETL and DLC listed proving the most efficient and reliable on the market.

LiteSheet’s BVT fixture has received professional industry feedback that it maximizes clean aesthetic lines and offers the greatest ease of installation and elimination of maintenance against its competitive set.

The BVT has been coined as one of the most reliable VaporTight fixtures when compared against the top 5 distributors of LED lighting products. One of the key differentiators is the reduction of costs due to its mounting system and tough diffusers, providing significant installation and labor costs savings.

The BVT fixture is designed for indoor and outdoor applications that require dust and water resistance. 20% of LiteSheet’s existing customer base has purchased the BVT as an add-on for adjacent parking garages, cold storage environments and new customers have purchased for agricultural applications and wet locations. LiteSheet has been contacted for bulk order installation within new construction and retrofitted locations because of its ETL approved AC Direct technology and DLC certification, which qualifies the fixture for energy rebates.

LiteSheet’s engineering team challenged standard specifications to ensure the BVT’s never seen before technology creates dramatic shifts in the marketplace. As a result, the fixture provides 450,000 hours MTBF of continuous operation. The company’s head of operations, Debbie Cebry, states, “the BVT has solicited the most positive response that we have seen throughout the testing process for its technological advances.”

The BVT continues to remain on pace with the rest of LiteSheet’s portfolio by offering constant lifetime output of over 120 lumens/watts. LiteSheet’s CEO, Roger Whyte, states that “this is only the beginning of what the marketplace can expect to see from LiteSheet as it relates to LED innovation and our dynamic product roadmap that we have planned for first half 2017.” Whyte has gone on record to say that, “unlike our competitors, we are offering first looks to our upcoming confidential product releases to any customer that contacts our team via”

As a result of LiteSheet’s extreme growth in the past 6 months, the company has recently moved into its new corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility located in Forest, Virginia. All LiteSheet products are available with warranties for up to 15 years backed by insurer Lloyds of London, fully patented and are 100% proudly manufactured in the USA.


LiteSheet Solutions receives ETL and DLC listing for AC Direct LED HiBay lighting family – LiteSheet’s Hibay Series eliminates the power supply, creating higher reliability and longevity


November 28, 2016 (Bedford, VA) – LiteSheet Solutions (‘LiteSheet’) newly released Hibay Series (‘BHBC’) is curved in its design and embedded with patented BriteCor Technology. This AC direct LED fixture requires no power supply and utilizes 50% less energy than fluorescent or traditional HID high bay lighting. LiteSheet has become the leader and authority for innovative light design proven by having just received TechEDGE’s 2016 Innovator of the Year Award.

The BHBC is built with a precision formed reflector system, which maximizes lighting output for ranges from 15 feet to over 40 feet high making it ideal for warehouses, manufacturing plants, sports facilities and retail spaces. The fixture is most sought after for its high reliability, efficiency and 0-10V continuous dimming capabilities over existing wiring. Additional options also include, wire-guard, lens, occupancy sensor and daylight sensor.

LiteSheet’s CEO, Roger Whyte, states “We have made incredible strides across 2016 in product development and the BHBC makes me especially proud given its flexibility and the fact that it defies current efficiency standards.”

LiteSheet has seen a 45% increase in purchase orders in the past 30 days with the announcement of BHBC. Several large-end, national facilities and 6 major sports arenas have made initial commitments to install. All LiteSheet products are available with warranties for up to 15 years, fully patented and are proudly manufactured in the USA.

LiteSheet Solutions expands team after closing investment round and increasing its revenue by 45% – James Epperson and Shanita Kitts bring a combined 45 years of experience to LiteSheet


November 2016 (Bedford, VA) – LiteSheet Solutions (‘LiteSheet’) continues to surpass its corporate milestones ahead of plan and in order to keep up with its growth trajectory have recently on-boarded James Epperson and Shanita Kitts. Filling these two positions is a signal to the marketplace that the company is gearing up for a very strong 2017 sales and development cycle.

James Epperson joins LiteSheet as a Networking and Test Automations Engineer with over 30 years experience in system design and development. He is professionally trained in delivering turnkey solution to Enterprise and Carrier Class businesses. Previously, Epperson was working as a Beta Test Engineer for projects, including NASA’s Lunar Ranging and Measurements Program and SETI at home. He also worked as a Test Automations Engineer for the Defense Department’s Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars) program. Epperson earned his Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering from UNC at Charlotte. He is a senior member of the IEEE and has worked with high school science classes to demonstrate how electrical engineering helps solve real world problems.

Shanita Kitts joins LiteSheet as a Manufacturing Office Manager with 15 years of customer service skills and retail management. Her integration into the organization demonstrates the priority that the company will put on product development and speed to market. Kitts depth of experience puts a focus on their servant leadership model and their consistency in putting the customer first. She earned her Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Averett University in 2013. Her strong retail background makes her an expert in determining product fit and accurately fulfill client needs. Along with customer service, she also has experience in banking and insurance where will allow her to take holistic view of the entire LiteSheet process.

About LiteSheet Solutions, LLC,

LiteSheet Solutions, LLC, is the Adaptive AC LED Technology Company that develops and commercializes products for the commercial and industrial lighting market. The founders have combined their extensive knowledge of lighting technologies and manufacturing processes to create highly efficient lighting with reduced production costs. The result is the most economical, environmentally friendly, and sustainable LED lighting available.